Grow waist length hair: #1

Hello, talking about haircare again.....this seems to my thing at the moment...although I have long hair it's not long enough as far as I'm concerned...it reaches about bra length but I want it waist length...or Cousin IT length!!...but like lots of women I find it seems to stop at a certain point which is VERY annoying. This year I am damn well going to do something about it!! As you can see from the photo it's quite shiny and brown and kinda long but I want those FIVE extra inches..I deserve those FIVE extra inches....and I will damn well get those FIVE extra inches.....somehow....I will be covering my hair journey in 2014 and up-dating every two months to see if its working erm or not......to help me on my way, I shall start with the products below....if I change, add/subtract products....I will update..I also intend to have a (small trim) at the end of the two months...with a deep conditioning treatment/shine at my salon. I will take a picture at the end...so you can see the difference.

L'Oreal Paris Hair Everstrong Reinforcing Vitality Shampoo alongside the matching conditioner  I have repurchased these product's for the second time or maybe it's the third....I can't remember..I wasn't sure if I was going to like these when I first bought them..mainly due to the squidgy bottle....*if I'm honest* but lots of my fellow beauty bloggers raved about them....so I felt that they deserved a chance. I'm glad I did...these two make my hair feel so soft and shiny and stronger....important for those FIVE extra inches! My hair use to feel quite fragile but these as a combination has most definitely helped my hair in gaining Samson strength!

L'Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Riche Hair Mask This is a newbie for me...and I have only used this product once so far, so too early to tell whether I like it or not...I'm a three strikes and your out type of person...I really wanted the Everstrong Mask but they didn't have it in stock.  This is a nourishing mask so good for those with dry hair and in need of serious TLC. As part of my new hair growth regime, I will be applying some sort of mask once perhaps twice a week.

Redken Anti Snap Treatment  Another product, I seem to be repurchasing again and again...I paid £17.00 for mine, which may seem like a lot of money but it really does last a long time and we are talking about five/six months ( well mine does) so when you break it down..it's very good value for money and that's even before you take into consideration the amazing effect it actually has on your hair. You apply on damp hair  and let it sink in. In a nutshell it's like an extra leave in conditioner that helps to strengthen your hair. If you feel your hair is breaking/splitting...then I really would suggest in investing in this product especially if you bleach your hair.

Moroccanoil Oil Treatment  I am a Moroccanoil hair bore....as I constantly feel I am talking about this product all the time! I love the stuff....ever since I used this my hair is so much more shinier than it was before...although my hair is relatively straight....any slight humidity change in the air...and I turn into a little fizz ball..this helps add much needed  moisture to my hair...its a real life changer and I feel everyone needs to try this product at least once.....just for the incredible shine it will gadd to your locks. My sister kindly bought this for me as a Crimbo present!

Vitapointe Leave In Conditioner This was one of those products I brought as a *filler. I was only going to use this for a week or so as I was receiving the MoroccanOil as a Christmas present and didn't want to buy another oil. Its a perhaps slightly old fashioned (meant in the nicest way) product....its basically a cream so you should only use a small amount...it helps to add nourishment to dry hair and tames fly away strands. I do like it...so I am going to keep using this...

Tangle Teezer Since, I purchased my Tangle...I have not let a hair brush near my hair....this tool is perfect for me as my hair can get quite tangled easily. It's also easy to keep clean and fits neatly into my make-up bag. 

I am also looking into adding hair supplement's and also making tweaks to my diet but these will all be included on my next update. Wish my luck...let the growing commence!!

Jess. x

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  1. great article! I love morrocan oil and my tangle teezer as well!
    xo, Elien
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  2. Beauty!!!

    Great Post!


  3. Hi my beautiful !
    Very nice outfit :)
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  4. Great advice! love argan oil myself :)


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  9. I'm definitely going to purchase a tangle teezer! I've been using raw virgin coconut oil and massaging it into my scalp before showering/shampooing and I've found it to condition my hair but also, I swear it's helping it grow!

  10. I love my tangle teezer, don't know how I ever got on without it before! x

    The Little Things

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  12. Great items! Love this post!


  13. Thank you for your comments....lets see how long my hair grows...I've been massaging every evening for a few minutes as well. xx

  14. I only wish my hair would grow that faster and this long . beautiful hair


  15. I have very long hair-- below my chest, but it is definitely hard to keep it looking healthy. I will be sure to check out these conditioning recommendations!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  16. I have very long hair-- below my chest, but it is very hard to keep it healthy. I will definitely check these conditioning options out!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  17. I recommend virgin coconut oil! Amazing for your hair and can be taken orally for healthy insides. jazzy at hivenn.co.uk

  18. Thank you for the tip...someone did mention this to me....it all adds up I guess. x

  19. Nice make up and grate tips.


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