{Beauty} Favourites This Month

Hi Guys, can you believe it's the end of January already..yikes.... and my  first monthly favourites of the year!! None of these are new products for me in anyway shape or form but sometimes familiar can be cosy and good!

My first favourite of the month and indeed of 2015, is my faithfully Fudge Smooth Shot Shampoo, I have had this product for ages, I will admit but look at the size of the bottle! It's huge! This shampoo was a TK Maxx purchase (I bought the conditioner at the same time, but this has long gone) I've kinda seen the name floating around here and there.....but never used anything from them. Well this time, I wanted to...I think TK had some kind of big delivery as the shelves looked decent and full for a change! My hair is naturally fine and frizzy, I have a lot of hair but it doesn't *sit can often look flyaway and I've been sleeping with my finger in an electrical socket! This range is called Smooth Shot and it's for those wanting/needing extra silky smooth hair. This has been working a treat on my out of control tresses, moisturising and taming at the same time. More than worth the money I paid. I think just over a tenner! A tenner well spent!

My second favourite this month is my Rimmel Clear Complexion. I've bought several of these over the years. I initially  purchased this as I was using a Laura Mercer powder (those were the days) but forgot to bring said powder  when I was visiting friends. Ran into Boots and picked this up. It was just supposed to be something I used a few times to tide me over. However, since using this, I've discovered that I really like it!! It keeps my skin  matte without changing the colour of my foundation (which a lot of cheaper ones have done) and it keeps shine at bay for a respectable amount of time as well.  It's always good when you discover a bargain randomly!!

My last favourite for this month (and last month actually) is my Tom Ford White Patchouli fragrance. Due to attending several parties and get together's recently, I've been squirting myself with this rather a lot. Every time I wear this fragrance it seems to garner positive feedback from other people. It's also very popular with men, so if your on the hunt for  a man, then bathe in this it seems to reek a positive influence on the male hormone! Although no one has asked for my hand in marriage yet! It has a real killer combination of notes from Peony and Bergamot in the top notes to Rose and Night Blooming Jasmine in the middle and Patchouli in the bottom. It's quite a sexy fragrance, grown up and not *girly at all. I prefer wearing stronger fragrances and I find some fragrance for women a bit too soft but this really seems to hit the right notes with me....I've was given this fragrance when I worked with Space NK.


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{Life} Ten Things I Love About January

Starting at the beginning New Year's Day is always a bit special isn't it....always a mixture of excitement and sadness and reflection for the year gone by and hopes for the year ahead. I have some great plans (I think) for the blog in terms of development so watch this space!!

January wouldn't be January without the Sales.....I know there are sales all year round now but there's something super exciting I feel about sale's  in January. I love all the bargains galore in Boots...all the gift sets that probably work out cheaper if you buy the items individually...but who cares!!

Hopefully this January we will see some Snow Action and when I mean some...I mean less than an inch...I don't want London tubes grinding to a standstill!! I still need to get to work you know!! Yes...London hasn't quite mastered the act of ticking over when the snow hits...but us Brits like to complain about the weather and we secretly love it!! Still a few days to go...

I always buy a Diary every year, even though in reality I don't really using I prefer to scribble notes down randomly or text notes down on my phone. There's something that little bit special about a fresh new diary at the start of a fresh New Year.

Holiday Planning. This is something I do every year and to be honest I do it so I feel a bit better about being stuck in freezing Central London!! I always grab a few Holiday brochures and spend an afternoon (or two) browsing through the pages mentally ticking off places I'd like to visit. I strongly suggest pouring yourself a nice cup of tea and sitting down with a few brochures. It works wonders for your mood.

I know it's not until next month and even though I don't have a partner, I always get super excited by all the Valentine things I see. It always give me hope....that there is someone around the corner for me!! I also like the chocolate's...let's get real!

I love the feeling of renewed Confidence everywhere! All the magazines that I love to read are full of inspiring quotes and helpful ideas and tips on making the best of your life. That's what I love about blogging as well. Every one's is in the same boat come January...we all feel fat and broke!!

The Golden Globes took place this month....and our very own Joanne Frogatt took home a little baby! All the dresses and the make-up...I love....and how romantic was George Clooney this year??

I love being able to snuggle up in my Coat, Scarf and Woolly Hat...not just for practicable reasons....the cold weather...but also because they hide the excesses of Christmas and the hat covers bad hair days...but also because I love the seasons..I love the's then you appreciate it when the hot weather comes....of course when the hot weather arrives for us's too hot!!

I love January just because it's the start of another year....I'm here, I'm healthy and that's good another reason to love January!


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{Beauty} Bliss Lemon & Sage Butter Body

Hi Guys, hope you all had a lovely weekend. I was very lazy, I admit....I felt too cold to do anything but huddle on the sofa and watch re-runs of never gets boring, even though I've probably seen all the episodes about 100 times...Beauty wise,.since Christmas, I have been using several different body products mainly bought for me as gifts.

This guy is the Super Sized Lemon & Sage Body Butter and it's a 414ml squeezable tube.  Bliss are known for their distinctive packaging and when I read the instructions/ingredients on the back there's a lot of fun packed into this baby....This lotion is paraben free and is rich in sodium hyaluronate, coconut oil and Vitamin E  as well as Heather and Arnica flower extract which is probably why this cream is so nourishing.

I've been using this over the past few weeks in the evening mainly on my thighs and my arms which tend to get very dry in the winter. I love lemon and I love sage although I've never had the two together at the same time!! It sinks in beautifully and I've really enjoyed using this. As it was a gift I'm not sure of the price...but I'm guessing it wasn't cheap....

Does anyone else use products from Bliss? If so which ones do you recommend?


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{Life} 20 Things To Do For a Happier Life

Hi Guys, I made a few goals earlier this month. Most of us are striving for the same things really in life, to be happy and healthy, do a job we love and marry Ryan Gosling!! Most of our goals are large and often require us to dedicate large chunks of our time towards them.  This is all fine and dandy but I think sometimes in order to achieve this we can often overlook things that make as happy on a day to day basis.. My little list is something I shall be trying to do...although number two.....that's going to be hard for me....I'm a Virgo! The picture  above is Knightstone Harbour in Weston Super Mare, in case you're wondering......

1// Eat fruit and vegetables every day
2// Don't complain
3// Stretch in the morning when I wake up and before I go to bed
4// Throw things away you don't need
5// Smile more
6// Go outside
7// Live life with no regrets
8//  Keep on top of house cleaning
9// Call your mum/dad often
10//Tell your nearest and dearest how much you love them
11// Go to the ballet
12// Read a new book
13// Don't dwell on past mistakes
14// Drink more and then some more!
15// Get a new haircut
16// Cook a new dish
17// Watch a play
18// Buy a lipstick in a different colour from your normal
19// Learn a new sport
20// Show gratitude


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{Beauty} StriVectin - SD Eye Cream

Hi Guys, they say that the eyes are the windows of out soul, they also happen to give our age away as well! Any tired/wild nights results in bloodshot eyes or dark circles  the next morning! Or if you're really lucky a combination of the both!

Luckily I don't tend to get dark circles although I do seem to have *deep sockets as so to speak, which I really hate. I've always had them, even as a little girl...I think surgery *gulp* is the only answer on this one. Cue the arrival of this little beaut. StriVectin isn't new to me as I use to sell them by the bucket loads when I worked in Space NK. Normally I'm quite good with this eye cream marklary but over the past month, naughty me had just been using my normal moisturiser. However I woke up one morning with really puffy (puffy as in Blow fish) eyes and decided I needed to sort the problem out once and for all!!

This eye cream is designed to work over and improve the appearance of your skin over  time. So from week two, I should notice a difference in dark circles and puffiness, in week four my natural collagen should renew and firmness should increase. By week 8 any fine lines should fade..Yippee...beyond that? I'm guessing that depends if I keep up the good work. 

I'm very excited to try this, it is an investment money wise and I did have to think carefully before purchasing but I feel my eyes are my best feature so I feel its money well spent. Keep your eyes peeled (boom boom...sorry) for future updates!!


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