Hello Guys, some of you may have noticed that I haven't been posting as often (I hope someone has noticed!!) Without going into too much detail...some personal things have changed beyond my control and I haven't had as much time or the inclination to post. Now things have reached a *Calm* I'm focusing on getting myself back on track and to living in the present. 

In the next couple of months..I will probably be posting at most one post per week(ish)....I am looking to moving within the next few months or so....so will be posting items for sale on here...all at a banging good price...I should say! So keep your eyes peeled and your purses nearby!

By June, things should have settled and I hope to come back with  bang, swinging into full mode with a new layout and and an instagram account, both things I keep whittling on about for ages!!

Lots of Love

Jessica. x


{Fashion} The Perfect Wardrobe

Hi Guys, Who has a wardrobe full of clothes but never anything to wear? Ha! I'm guessing I'm not the only one! I've always envied those women who always look groomed and pulled together, in a rather (seemingly) effortless way. 

I had a good look through my wardrobe the other day and I suddenly realised that I have lots of patterns and colours and none of them really match. I cannot *clash in the way Sarah Jessica Parker did in SATC (I loved that show) I also realised that fancy patterns and loud colours don't really suit me.  Last year, I had good intentions to start a Capsule wardrobe but then Mr Rent and Mrs Bills took away all my money....but this year, I am getting myself together and selling my unwanted items to pay for my new stuff.....

I found this chart if you will via Pinterst (unsure who created this) and I really liked it.  It's a perfect, I feel weekend look/days off attire..I'm guessing you could create a  similar chart to your working wardrobe though. The only thing I would do though, is add more tops..I don't feel four tops is sufficient..but this is a really good starting point for anyone looking for that perfect wardrobe...and it's also a case of less is more...Oh and Converse....one pair of Converse is never enough!


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{Life} Goals Review

Hi Guys, yes another month other....and tomorrow is April!! Easter equals Chocolate!! Ha! Below is a recap of my goals at the beginning of the month. 

1// It was Mother's Day on the 15th, obv my mum is very special to me as I'm sure your mums are to you. I surprised my mum with an inpronto visit after I told her I couldn't make it (mean I know) she was happy I think, although was worried she didn't have enough food in the house...which makes me wonder how much I eat when I'm down there!!

2//  St Patricks Day, I was working and didn't finish as early as I would have liked to...actually I finished later...a lot later so I didn't leave the office until nearly 9pm!! I ended up going for a quiet day with a work colleague which was nice. Another colleague bought lots of green cupcakes in...and I think I ate too many......judging by my waistband!

3// I have started walking home from work twice a week...so that's my *strolling business covered...I have been making more use of the lighter weather, last year, I was really into my walking regime but Winter brings the colder weather and dark mornings/evenings....so my enthusiasm went straight out the window..but I'm getting there again. 

4// I made an effort to visit Shoreditch this month as I realised I hadn't been for ages......I did indeed take lots of pictures which I will sort through and put up at some point on the blog. Shoreditch is pretty damn cool isn't it!

5// I have been to the library more often this month  and taken out a few books...mainly I find myself in the Self Help section but I have been steering myself into other directions of the library!! 


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{Food} Juicing Recipes - A Beginners Guide

Hi Guys, I keep hearing a lot about juices and the health benefits of juicing but I've never really understood how to make one! Having recently bought myself a 20 quid juicer/blender from Argos!! I'm keen to give them a crack. I came across this handy guide via Pinterest..although I don't know who designed this....basically you pick one liquid, place that in the juicer first, then the  softer ingredients and lastly the firmer ones....give them a whizz for around 30 secs depending on the strength of your machine and enjoy. All recipes serve one...but I feel this gives you a good idea on what and how...


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{Beauty} March Favourites

Hi Guys, March is nearly over.....yikes..where is the time going?? I think someone out there...has a time machine and is doing funny things to ours......the evenings are finally drawing in later and I love the fact I'm waking up  to proper sunlight..

One of my more recent finds and new loves is the Charles Worthington Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer, this is a godsend for those who never seem to find the time for hair masks.  So simple to use. Simply massage into dry hair before you go to bed, sleep and then rinse off in the morning for more shiny and manageable hair.......I have been completely loving this.....I love using masks but more often that not...I never seem to manage to gt round to doing them...despite my best intentions....this is just like applying a night moisturiser but for the hair...if that makes sense....well worth the money.

My second favourite this month is the StriVectin-SE Eye Cream,  a steal from TK Mask, earlier this year....I've been liking the results with this little one. This cream comes with a little nozzle which I prefer, creams in pots I do not trust...well I should rephrase that. I do not trust MYSELF when it comes to pots. I am so heavy handed and would literally slap half the pot on in one go! You only need a small amount and a little goes a long way. I do feel that my fine lines look more plumped up that usual and I look *rested!

My last favourite of the month is the  Revlon 150 Blusher I bought this on a whim earlier this year after I realised that I had been using the Maybelline Cream Blusher for such a long time. I decided to break my blusher  rut and ended up buying this...another cream blusher and yes in a similar colour ...BUT it's from another brand.....little steps people....despite what it looks like in the picture above..it gives a very natural and healthy looking  glow...it isn't heavy...and the beauty with creme is, that you can add more colour and similar blend harder to remove the colour if it's too much.... I find these types of blushers don't tend to *dislodge your base which has often happened to me whilst using a powder.


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