{Life} Favourite Blogs Via France

Hi Guys, today I am going to share with you a few of my favourite  blogs from our European cousins just an underground (of some sort!)  train journey away..yes that's right..I'm talking oh la la la France. The country of good wine and cheese and ever so stylish women who possess that Je nas sa porqoi!

I love reading Le Blog De Betty  blog, she's one of those uber blogger with like a squillion followers and gets invited to all the couture fashion shows and so forth.. and she has even more followers on her instagram account...look!Betty's Instagram Account  Her blog is beautifully laid out with stunning pictures taken as she travels the globe staying in amazing locations and working with even more amazing brands...I would so love the keys to her wardrobe!
Another one of my favourites is The Cherry Blossom Girl Slightly kitsch and ever so slightly quirky. Written by a lovely girl named Alix way back in 2007 as a headspace for thoughts and inspirations in the midst of finishing fashion school. A talented illustrator (check out her blog background) She sometimes moonlights as a Stylist. I like Alix's  humour a lot if you click on her blog, go the FAQ I was laughing at some of her answers a lot. 
I love this blog by Garance Dore Garance started her blog even further back in 2006.  I didn't even know blogs existed back then! Again an extremely talented illustrator and painter, she knew she wanted to pursue an artistic career but wasn't sure how? One thing led to another and the blog was born. Garance lives in New York as her boyfriend (at the time happened to be another very popular blogger)  Her blog is pretty, reads like a glossy and includes lots of interesting interviews an assortments of people which I love. 


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{Life} Christmas Gift Idea's with Cards Part Two

Hi Guys, this week, see's me turning my attention to those all important  Christmas Cards! In this digital age, I feel the art of card writing seems to be on the wane in general.  Although I feel, more people make the effort at Christmas. I'm sorry but in my books a card needs to be sent through the post, not through the computer in order for you to print it off!! I remember when I was in school, I use to get hundreds......sadly I get a lot less these days!! All the cards above have shops via Esty.

1.  If you like your cards to be that little bit cheeky then Grey Squirrel Designs is just the ticket.
2.  I love these from The Paperarty humour without being crude. How adorable are they?
3Mudsplash Studios are way too funny....Gingerbread and Ninja's..what's not to love?
4.  I adore this illustration from Mut And Whiskers one of my fav's I love cards that are a little different.
5.  This card from Lauren Holt Art is almost like a fairytale picture. Love. Beautiful.
6  Again another favourite design from Mut And Whiskers I feel there's a theme coming on!
7.  Only the one card from the Girls Just Wanna Look Fab store. Hope she creates more!
8.  I think we all feel a bit like this MLW Illustrations sometimes! Christmas can bring out the best and the worst in all of us! I think it's all the extra people/in-laws, Christmas buying stress and overeating!
9.  Another fairytale quality from Hattie Hyder Check her shop's amazeballs!

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{Life} Things I love About November

Hi Guys, we're now in the full swing of November...I thought I would share with you my reasons as to why exactly I love November so much. One thing I haven't yet experienced but one I desperately want to is New England (USA) in the fall as they call it. I've seen so many beautiful's captured a piece of my heart..has anyone specifically visited for the foliage? I'd love to know. Below are my ten reasons, feel free to add your own in the comments section.....I do read my comments!

1.November is the month of my mum's birthday, so this is always a good month...this year my sister  treated my mum to a holiday in Rome. The weather kindly behaved itself which was lovely. 

2. Bringing out the big kid in me. I always get a little excited for Guy Fawkes. I love how various councils throughout London hold different events. I also love how sometimes you get to watch free displays from your own bedroom window!

3. As a Virgo and a keen stance on health and safely procedures...I am a little anal on keeping my distance from anything that alights and bangs! Sparkles bring out my wild side!

4. Who can resist Toasted Marshmallows or toasted anything really. I have friends with larger gardens..well large enough to safely build a bonfire....and then we sit outside with a mug of wine for them, vodka for me, wrapped in thick jumpers and scarves. As I'm quite into hygiene I don't toast things on a long branch......I have my own equipment for this!

5. Not strictly limited to November but stores are bursting to the brim with little goodies and Christmas stocking fillers....I know the majority  of them are probably for  kids but I can't resist a few for myself.

6. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland sets up for the season until the beginning of January. Click here for further information via the official website.

7. I know you can do this all year round but November tends to see me donning the Ice-Skates namely it involves the above! I'm quite fast but I have to say there is a huge difference in skating on an indoor arena to skating outside...the surface seems slippery and much harder to hold your balance!

8. Christmas Markets tend to start spring up everywhere in London. So many beautiful hand made crafts....I think I would need about a million pounds to buy everything I want. Lots of talented people out there.

9. Roasted Chestnuts (no pun intended) I love the little stalls that pop all over all the place in London Christmas is really the only time of the year I eat nuts in general...but people do remember....nuts are not just for Christmas, nuts are for of my goals for start eating more nuts!

10 Remembrance Day fell on the 11th of the month.  Please click on to  The British Legion it's  a wonderful website dedicated to the cause.


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{Beauty} Hair - New In

Hi Guys, I  recently added to my haircare regime recently with a few new additions. I haven't used any of the products before or indeed used anything from these ranges so I'm kind of excited/scared as to what the results are going to be! I made a list this time of all the things I needed and actually read a few reviews via the Boots Website as to suitable products. That's how this little lot were thrown into my basket. I will review and update at a later date.

Bleach Reincarnation Mask  Bleach wouldn't have been a brand I would have reached for. My main impression of these guys.... people with bleached/wacky hair colours!!  What sparked my interest, was reading lots of positive reviews from people with a similar hair type/texture to mine. My hair is coloured, fine, frizzy and  long. This is a pre shampoo treatment, one you leave on for twenty minutes. It supposedly helps to improve the elasticity of your hair.  This is something I can't wait to try!

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil This is a brand that has been around for yonks but I've never used anything from them before! MorroccanOil is still my favourite oil but I get through this at a frightening much so, that  I can't really justify spending that much on an oil which will only last me few months or so. Enter this oil, keeping my fingers crossed. I bought this on the recommendation from other bloggers and positive reviews. This oil is infused with African Macadamia Oil which is said to nourish and add shine to the hair. Hopefully this oil will control my frizzy (mostly) mane!

Schwarzkopf  Diamond Colour Intensive Mask Another mask! With this, you only leave on for one minute so I think of it really as just a normal conditioner really, My routine with my hair tends to be. Wash hair in shower, towel dry hair, place conditioner on, put shower cap on my head, finish rest of my shower, get dressed and then rinse my conditioner out in the hand basin. This seems to work for me and means my conditioner has that bit longer to work it's magic. The range in endorsed by Claudia Schiffer although I'm not sure how much input in the brand she has, if she has any at all. Aimed at adding nourishment and shine to the hair. Anything that wants to add shine is more than welcome. 

Head Hog (Kent) I've been using my tangle teezer for a while now, but it was looking a bit ropey so I binned it and went looking for something new. Kent has been around for a very long time indeed, since 1777!! according to the packaging.  The actually brush I have is from the Head Hog range. I chose this brush because it seemed the most vestal when comparing to other brushes in the store. I knew I didn't want anything too big, I had to be able to carry it easily around in my handbag and I wanted to be able to use it on wet and dry hair. This brush ticks both these boxes. So far I'm loving the brush. It did feel a bit strange to be using a proper brush when all I've been previously using was the tangle teezer.


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{Beauty} Dr Lewinn's Anti-ageing Facial Scrub

Hi Guys, I thought I would update you all on my experience so far with the Dr Lewinns facial scrub. You may remember, I picked this up whilst browsing down the isles of TK Maxx (I love that store!) For the past year,   I had been using the Boots Botanical Scrub Read Here please excuse the dodgy looking floral bedspread...I like to think my presentation skills have improved since then....don't answer that!

Bad photo aside, I really enjoyed using the Botanical scrub as I felt it was a good imitation on the Dr Brandt Microdembrasion which I love. Sadly Dr Brandt retails at over £50 a pot..this isn't something I can afford to buy on a regular basis at the moment! I've been really impressed with the Botanical scrub. It has a  good consistency and the texture is exactly how I like my scrubs to be......*bitty and not watery. Having said that I was starting to get itchy feet and wanted to see what other scrubs were out there.

Which leads me to this, Dr Lewinns is a brand I've read about both in print and on other blogs but it wasn't a brand I'd used.  Whenever, I shop in TK Maxx, I tend to stick to brands I'm aware of especially with regards to beauty. I think I must have arrived after a new batch of stuff had been delivered as the shelves looked nice and full. (Namely with lots of brands I hadn't heard of) This brand had been dropped heavily, alongside the facial scrub, there were day/night and eye creams which I may try at some points down the line.  The scrub is actually really rather good! I seem to have a talent for finding good facial scrubs!!  The tube is quite a generous size 150ml,  the texture seems quite watery at first but when you start to work it,  into your skin, then it feels *bittier if that makes sense. The correct terminology is *Micro beads*

I've been using this three times a week for the past month, For me, my skin looks fresher for using this scrub, my leftover spot marks have started to fade.  My skin does look healthier but I have also been increasing my water intake as well, so it's probably a combination. Overall I am really pleased that I picked this scrub up as it's doing exactly what I wanted it to do and that's to make me look healthier and fresher than I actually am......

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