{Beauty} Charles Worthington Strength & Repair Duo

Hi Guys, we're into March.......cue chorus round *I can't believe it's March already* Ha! but seriously I know......are we all keeping on track with our New Year Resolutions? Do we actually remember what they were? I couldn't remember off the top of my head....I had to go back and look at my list!

This duo above were in fact, a Christmas present from my Mum, but since I already had a ton of hair stuff that I am currently and still am working my way through...than these guys had to wait! I'm always complaining about my hair, a trait I feel I picked up from my mother as she always does the same thing....although luckily for hair mum's hair never grows past her shoulders...

The set I received were the Strength & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, for damaged and fragile hair. Since my hair is long and coloured, I try to treat my hair as gently as it needs a lot of TLC. I have been using these two for the past few weeks. The picture is from when I first received them. I always like to take a picture straight away as I know I am going to damage/mark the bottles in some way or another!

According to the back of the bottle, this range helps to reduce hair breakage by 82% in their independent studies. I have no way of testing this myself but all I can say that I don't see as much of my hair clogging up the plughole...which I'm taking as a good sign! My hair is shiner that's a plus. 

They both have *Heat Protection Conditioning Complex* in them, whatever that really means. Currently I'm not using heat on my hair...but if you do, I would apply heat protection to the hair before you blow dry as you rinse both these products out, so I'm not sure how they would protect.

That aside, these guys are not bad at all. They don't weigh my hair down. My hair feels smoother and shinier and I'm not waving goodbye to lots of my hair down the sink! I shall certainly be finishing the range up and probably purchasing more in the future. 


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{Life} 5 Goals For March

Hi Guys, yes it's the beginning of March and another 5 goals for the month post. March is one of my favourite months, it has to be said (although don't tell the other months!) The smell in the air is different and you can sense the days becoming lighter and brighter. Here are my goals for the month of March. 

1// One of the most important dates in the Calendar year, falls on the 15th March this year, that's right it's Mother's Day. I intend to visit my mum on the coast and treat her...although I won't say what to on here as sometimes she *skims (her words) my blog posts!

2// I can't forget my Irish heritage (both parents are Irish) so it would be rude not to celebrate St Patricks Day in one form or another...I know I'm too kind by half....

3// British Summer Time starts on the 29th of this month and we have (slightly) more sunlight hours in the evening....I intend to make the most of this by either taking a stroll and/or meeting friends for a coffee/dinner date

4// I intend to visit Shoreditch this month, namely because I feel a visit is long overdue. I love the vibe of the area and the culture and the food. So I intend to bring my camera and get snappy happy!

5//  Get back into the habit of borrowing books. Last year, I joined my local Library with the intention of reading as many books as humanly possible but I think I over estimated just how many I would be able to fit into my routine.  This month, I intend to read one book a month, no arguments because I know I can manage this and stick to this.

What are your goals for the month? 


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{Life} February Goals Reviewed!

I love this quote, so I just had to share

Hi Guys, earlier this month, I wrote down some goals..they were by no means life challenging but I'm all about taking baby steps at the moment!!

1// I did go to visit my family in Devon as my niece celebrated her 6th Birthday. All the kids from her class and it felt like her school were invited...the noise was incredible!!....A bit like a high volume jumbo jet taking off!! I did a little face painting and tucked in to the buffet (I,m kind that way!) The birthday cake itself was rather nice too....which is all important on a birthday isn't it......the sponge was indeed *moist* I do not under any circumstances do dry sponge's....!! On another note the scenery in Devon is beautiful and I did a lot of walking and sightseeing with two kids in tow!!

2// I wanted to increase my fruit intake this month, so far I am eating a banana every day. So I'm pleased with my progress, I don't add the banana to any recipes/food. I simply eat it whole, the old fashioned way! Next month..I will also add another fruit to daily fruit intake.

3// I have started taking more pictures this month, I recently  found myself in a rut with taking pictures namely due to working full time and trying to take pictures in poor daylight..and taking pictures for the blog rather than just for myself....Due to spending some time away in Devon at the beginning of the month..I just took some randomly...of nothing and everything.

4// Alongside with increasing my fruit intake, I have also increased my vegetable intake this month. Everyday for my lunch I have been eating a salad and in the evening I have been eating steamed vegetables..I already feel healthier and I intend to keep this one up.

5// The last goal I had for Feb, was adding exotic holiday locations to my Pinterest account which was probably the most enjoyable goal to do...I feel I'm so good at it.....I should be doing this as a job!! I can look at beaches 24/7 Which is really weird as I'm not a sunbathing or water babe but I like being near's a bit like looking but not touching! 


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{Beauty} Luxury Staples - Wish List

Hi Guys, After the rather meagre beauty routine of last year...I intend to make amends to that this year....above are a few I've added to my recent Wishlist

1// I haven't used this for such a long time.. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat..but it worked wonders....
2// I want to get back into proper cleansing this year..starting with the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Polish Cleaner.
3// After something lighter.. Daisy Fragrance...after spraying so much Tom Ford!
4// I 've never tried the  Creme De La Mer Moisturising Creme. I want to see what all the fuss is about.
5// Clinique Lash Wear Long Lasting Mascara gives seriously,long eyelashes.
6// Sometimes I need the *heavier stuff and  Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage is the best for that!
7// Killing two birds with one stone...with the Clinique Repair Wear Intensive Lip Treatment.
8// Lancome Bi-facil Non oily Cleanser Sensitive Eye.
9// This smells completely gorgeous and is a great treat Origins Ginger Souffle.


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{Life} Four New Blogs

Hi Guys, I tend to read lots of blogs (like most of you) but I'm always finding another great read to add to my reading collection....there are so many great blogs out has to be said...and I'm always in awe of all the talented ladies and men out there...these blogs below are not new...but they are recent additions to my ever growing blog reading list!

This girl from certainly knows how to dress for sure!! From her amazing shock blond white hair to her amazing figure to her even more amazing wardrobe!! From what I gather..she tends to stick to a neutral palette of grey, white and black which fits her style perfectly. I came across her blog via Pinterest. Pinterest is an amazing source for finding blogs that tend to slip through the radar via Bloglovin.

I'm all about the food and this  one called Super Golden Bakes is as super as they come!! As you can imagine all the food pictures are Pinterest worthy. So pretty and just so....The blog is written by a lady called Lucy who works as a book designer by superhero by night! Her recipes are also rather indulgent.....especially her cakes....anyone can win my heart with a great cake recipe!. She also creates amazing cocktails to boot...what's not to love!

From the 1st of Jan this year, I've been eating a lot more healthier  and cleaner than the year before. Another pinterest discovery was this blog Hello Natural dedicated to all things healthy be it food/beauty and DIY tips. There's a healthier alternative for everything! Founded by a mother of three, her name is called Stephanie Gerber, she started blogging way back in 2011 after becoming a mother and wanted to reconnect with herself.  As well as having great beauty posts, I love the fact that the blog is easy to navigate yourself around. Everything is neatly labelled and easy to find.

I love, love this blog entitled Un-Fancy and it's exactly that...but in a nice way!! Written by a lady named Caroline...this blog is to showcase her 37 piece wardrobe. Let me unwind some more...Caroline decided she wanted to live a more simplifier life and this included the clothes she was wearing. We've all been in that situation,  a bulging wardrobe..but it seems we have nothing to wear...Caroline decided that she would only wear 37 well chosen items per season and showcase these items. She doesn't buy 37 pieces every four months though...some of the items are hauled out of storage..I really like this idea as it makes dressing a lot more simpler in the morning for sure. 


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