Ten Things I Love About August!!

My favourite beach...this is five minutes from my parents house!

Hi Guys, I'm loving August this month...how about you? The weather has been a bit hit AND miss....sadly..it has felt a bit Autumy these past few days...I love Autumn by the way but just not in August! Here's what else I have been loving this month.

Everybody Is Happier! The sun is shining (mostly) the air is drier, people are staying out longer, having drinks after work, people are in better moods, lots of people are having holidays of some sort, everyone is consuming their body weight in Ice-cream, everyone seems to be falling in love....everyone in happier. Enough said!

Outdoor Evening Meals  Summer months, I feel everyone makes that little bit more effort to be sociable....the days last longer and that coupled with the good weather...means you tend to eat more meals out.....restaurants,cafes...but none of them quite match up to have a delicious meal with good company, good wine, scented candles..than in your very own back yard!...Such a lovely refreshing change......and even better than that...you can wear pj's if you want..with no one batting an eyelid!

Wearing Shoes With No Socks I know this may seem like an odd one...but I am forever losing my socks..or ripping holes in them (I seem to have very strong large toes, that's my theory on this problem) so the warmer weather is perfect...warm weather calls for no socks....if I'm wearing a plimsoll..I normally put odour eater in the bottom...they work a treat.....everyone sweats it's perfectly normal...but having sweaty plimsoll...is a no go zone with me.

Bank Holidays Normally everyone gets a tad excited at Bank Holidays sadly this one was a wash out but it was an extra day of work, so that was the silver lining in the very dark clouds.

Holiday Feeling  Yes, it's that one again....I love the Holiday feeling August tricks us all into .which is why everyone is happier...especially in London with different festivals and concerts...for many of us..this is our staycation holiday.

Ice Cream Yes, I know I mention this all the time..but there's something different about eating ice cream in the summer..it seems to hit the spot more...even though we can eat ice cream all year round...actually every day if we wanted to...there's something that bit different about eating ice cream in the summer...I'm always tempted by the vans that jiggle around...very old school...I know...but they are always similarly parked in a park make that every park 24/7 in August....so you don't have to go far for one...I probably eat more ice cream in this month then maybe all the months put together...probably...which is a scary thought but actually the truth.

Going To The Beach Every Weekend I'm lucky I have this option...like I mentioned in my goals post..I have family who live by (read on) the coast so I can visit every weekend.....when I visit I normally stay for the weekends anyway..so I leave my bag there...my bags contains a few bits of clothing and a few toiletries) very basic...but it s a very small bag..doesn't take any room...so I'm good to go..without worrying about packing...the only problem with this..is sometimes a weekend isn't long enough..and you don't always want to come back...

Paddling Pools I don't actually have a paddling pool but my family members do...and I do like to take a dip...obviously the kids come first...so they get first dips then I'm allowed in...I tend to sit mainly with my feet in the water....supervising my little niece and nephew......I''ve been trying to persuade  my sister to buy a bigger pool for me sorry I meant the kids...and I will be keeping my fingers crossed....although my parents live by the sea...doesn't mean I want to go swimming there!

Denim Shorts And Flip Flops I normally hate feet and I am not a fan of other peoples feet apart from my sister as she really does have the most attractive feet ever.. a UK 4...she's 5ft 5..she just has small feet...my feet are small as well..but they are much wider..and I have a real grip with this..as it means I have to either go up a size or choose shoes with rounded toes......all this gets shove to the side come August and I have temporally amnesia....as I adorn flip flops for one month only....I like to team with shorts...denim if I can..normally as I have a pair of fraying jeans...I just can't bear to throw away..so I cut them down to size..no hot pants for me...they wouldn't be fair to everyone around me!

Birthday Is Closer....I like August for that reason alone..is that means my birthday is close by!  Not sure what I'm going to be doing yet...I never plan a three day bash or anything like this....(although if anyone else wanted to do this for me..that would be totally fine with me!) I tend to have a meal out with friends/family...and that's me done! 


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Surprise Hits with Marks and Spencers!

Hi Guys, I thought I would do a  quick post on a couple of products I have been loving recently. I'm not normally a Marks and Spencer's beauty fan... I buy elsewhere, mainly from Boots. Marks isn't a store  I think about when it comes to buying my beauty stuff...I buy my underwear there and my food there and that's that! These two guys above were actually a gift from my mum...which proves my point but I have been really loving them and they have changed my opinion of Markie's

Gentle & Soft Moisturising Hand & Body Lotion  I like the clever idea of the feather on the packaging...gives the impression of lightness *light as a feather!*  It has extracts of chamomile in....and the scent is mild. I love the scent of  Ponds Cocoa butter, so anything other than that is mild to me!! I use this as a body lotion on my arms and legs rather than as a hand lotion. I don't feel it's rich enough to do this job well enough. It sinks in well and you aren't left waiting around for hours before you can put your clothes back on!

Strawberry Foam Bath With Added Moisturiser  Again given to my by my mum, I have been treating myself to a weekly bath. I'm a shower girl, I think like lots of people nowadays and don't really take the time to pamper myself in this way....but a bath feels rather indulgent and there is something quite luxurious about soaking in the bath. I normally have a couple of candles lit and a mug of tea...and a couple of biscuits which I eat out of a Tupperware box...the box floats, mostly... I forgot to add this to the photo...but if you can use your imagination...it was a similar bottle..but the content was red and not white! I'll spare you the photo of my Tupperware box floating in the bath!

These aren't products, I would go out my way to buy as the packaging is not exactly the prettiest I've ever seen and I'm guessing the price was on the lower side as well (my mum likes her  bargains!) but sometimes when people who mean something to you...give you presents..you make an exception, use them and on this occasion I have been feeling pleasantly surprised and in a good way for a change!


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{Beauty} My Most Reached For Products In August!

Hi Guys, how are you? I always ask this....I'm not sure why....as I can't hear your  response!! Creature of habit me thinks....I thought, I would do a quick post on things that I've been using more of this August...as mentioned before, I have spent this year trying to use up all my odds and ends beauty products before I buy more...I feel quite proud of myself for doing this..I was rather spoilt at one time...working in beauty retail with a good discount meant I spent over my needs and had huge quantities without really appreciating them if I'm honest.

The first product  have been reaching for is this Mama Naked Positivity Hand Cream it was on sale for 50p in Boots...it's not out of date...I had a good sniff! It's being discontinued as it's a poor seller...which is a shame. I've never noticed this brand before..mainly because it's a mums to be range...and I'm not a mum to be ..so I don't shop in that section! This handcream has a light citrus smell and I really like it...I wish I bought more at the time! Even just to give away as little gits/stock fillers...

I'm sure you guys will all be pleased when I eventually use this tube up!  I talk about this product so much!! Yes it's my Botanics Radiant Youth Polish...but c'mon if it ain't broke...this has been helping my skin to look that bit fresher..now I have been using my tinted moisturiser more often..although I still wear foundation for work. I love the grains in this scrubs.

I filled in an online questionnaire on Facebook and received this in the post as a Thank You gift and I have been loving my Sanctuary Spa Body Butter. It's a really lovely nourishing and very hydrating cream...it is on it's last legs and I will be  looking to replace it as I love it so much. I like to apply this on my legs and then swing them up against the wall..whilst wearing both my face and hair mask..*phew!

I'm applying a weekly hair mask to my hair at the moment so to kill as many birds with one beauty stone as I can..I have also been applying the Montagne Jeunesse masks at the same time!! They are so simple and easy to use...I do love the chocolate masks but they can be very messy...so I have been experimenting with the peel off..

These two were rather random buys really...and pot luck guesses...I really love the Seventeen Stay Time Pressed Powder it really does help to keep the pesky shine at bay without looking cakey and too made up....I don't like to look like I'm wearing too much make-up in the summer months..even though I secretly am!  The Seventeen Miracle Matt Foundation is not bad..I don't feel it's a miracle..but I wear it too work and it does it's job which is why I have included this...but I know I have had better foundations in the past. The main problem I have with this foundation...is why I applied it...it doesn't seem to sit right....if it looks funny that my colleagues have been too polite to tell me otherwise!!


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My Week #12

Monday  Hope you guys all had a lovely weekend. The weather here in London was a bit hit and miss, I did wear my woolly hat on both days. To be truthful that wasn't just to keep my head warm but to stop my hair from turning into a wild frizz ball! I met some friends yesterday in Central London sadly it rained...so it made me eat more as rain has that effect on me! However once we went our separate ways it brighten up and I took some pictures of a lake near to where I live in East London.
There were more birds present than people!
I quite like tree's that have seen better days!

Tuesday A day of catching up with chores today, I also spent quite a bit of time pinning as that seems to be my thing at the moment spending all my time on Pinterest. I was looking into buying an I-Phone buy now the newI-Phone is being released next month, I think I'm going to wait. An evening of box watching!!

Wednesday  A busy day for me, I went for a meal with some of the people at work. We tend to arrange a couple of dates a month and whoever wants to go, goes..and if you don't then you don't!! I always try to make the effort as I like to eat out and I feel it's kinda nice to see a different side to people you work with. Especially since a lot of them have kids and don't get out much!!

Thursday  Had the day off today, I went to visit a friends house for lunch and a chat in her lovely overflowing green garden. She doesn't live in London but an hour outside. It's always feels so strange to me how different things are outside of the capital. I love London but it can feel a bit claustrophobic sometimes, so it's nice to recharge your batteries even for the day!
 Love a green garden, luckily the grey clouds didn't materialise into rain!
Carp Fish....literally under lock and key!

Friday Quiet day for me, I had some Cinderella chores at home today and I really wanted to get back into the swing of blogging. I've  have been feeling a bit unmotivated recently and haven't even been on Twitter which is not like me...hopefully this feeling will pass and I will go back feeling rejuvenated.

Saturday Another quiet day for me today as I haven't planned anything this weekend. Everyone I know within my close circle is either on holiday or doing things with their over halves/families this weekend. So I've been excluded from this...being an ageing spinny and all!! I have box set marathons and Dairy Milk at my disposal so it's all good.


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30 Days Abs Challenge

Source via Pinterest

Hi Guys, I came across this challenge whilst browsing on Pinterest. My fitness regime extends itself to walking...in erm various speeds..and that's that! I don't do any form of toning of any sort and  I really feel I want to start making more of an effort! I do lots of walking but they can only do so much. Luckily my waist has always been one of my good points but it's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I have seen the 30 day squat challenge floating around but that look like too much hard work...however this challenge caught my attention not least because the majority of exercises are performed whilst you lay on the floor on your back.  There are rest days in between and it's not going to overwhelm me...so...

I also intend to eat slightly healthier as well. If you follow me regularly you will be aware I have been weighing myself in Boots. I'm not far of my target weight of 8 stone but I have a few loose bits I want to tone. I will be measuring and posting the results at the end of 30 days..to see how well or not... it's gone..although since I write my weekly diet..you may already guess!!!


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