{Life} Fashion Bloggers Via USA

Hi Guys, this month I turn my attention to our lovely cousins across the pond...that big old USA! Blogging is huge in the US, so I have only written about a few that I follow but I follow so many more believe me!  Blogging  is taken way more seriously over there as an acceptable full time career. Blogging in the UK, is still seen as a *hobby by lots of people (obv not blogger's) and a *filler! I think we will catch up eventually. Does anyone have a hard time trying to explain their blog to anyone?

This is one of my all time favourites and she also happens to be a *biggie in the world of blogging..Step forward Miss Karla Deras of Karlas Closet. Just a quarter of a century old, Karla has been blogging for over 5 years now. Interesting fact, Karlas was part of a an American girl group called *Slumber Party Girls* they also had their own show on CBS. So it's fair to say that Karla has been a high achiever from a very young age! Karla dresses to please herself and is very sensual and experimental rather than conforming to the norm. A big lover of vintage clothing and wearing men's cuts I always feel inspired when a new post pops up!

Next up is the lovely Jules of  SincerelyJules. I'm a long time follower of Jules, she's always been around the block for a while and I mean that in the nicest way.  Jules always  looks glamorous and pulled together but in a laid back way...probably due to living in LA...she favours flat shoes over heels  unlike lots of fashion blogger's who live in 5inch heels....Jules always  looks perfectly groomed and glossy without looking like she spends two hours getting ready in the morning. I also adore her instagram account as well.

Last but but by no means least is the lovely Emily of  lifestyle blog Cupcakes And Cashmere. This is my newest discovery out of the three but I know Emily's blog is a goldie oldie as well... I've been currently working my way through the archives! Emily's blog covers everything from make-up to fashion to food to D.I.Y and lastly to pregnancy! Great news.

Which are your favourite American blogger? Are you one yourself? Leave your links in the comments section. I will check you out!!

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{Life} Pictures Taken - Dartmoor

Hi Guys, one week(ish) to go until the big day....Have you managed to buy all your Christmas shopping?? Or more to the point, have you actually started!?! I've been very busy with work, so I thought I would share some personal (to me) photographs. Taken from a family visit to Devon. Not very Chrismassy, I know....but c'mon....I just wanna open my presents now!!

 I love this *bridge in my sister's garden, although I'm not sure Health & Safety would!
 These flowers are adorable,  my sister's garden is filled with these gorgeous white flowers.
 A scene from an Indiana Jones film!?! No, this was taken again from the garden!
 This is what a country garden should look like, a bit wild and a bit messy!
 The downer to walking in the country, very narrow paths...check out the above!
 I never did find out the name of these......they grow on Dartmoor Moors.
This picture sums up the Great British Countryside....I love all the hedgerows..
 The weather was beautiful that day......which I was more than happy about!
 This almost doesn't seem like it's a view from England...
Adorable sheep on the moors..smiling for the camera!!


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{Life} 5 Blogging Tips

This has nothing to do with the post but I thought the picture was's a kitten!! Sorry....

Hi  Guys, today is a quick blogging tips post...I know these posts tend to be very popular and I love a blogging information post myself....there's no *handbook as such on I always welcome tibits from fellow bloggers. Below are five I feel are helpful/useful and productive!

1/  Stuck on post titles? Then why not  Fill In The Blank? A template that contains 74!!...yes that's right 74 post title suggestions to help jolt your memory.

2/ This is something I'm working on at the moment. I love this piece by Regina on Creating A Style guide for your blog...great if you're ever so slightly confused with all the variety of colours and fonts out there!

3/  If you're a newbie blogger then these tips for beginners are well worth a read  25 Tips Starting a blog doesn't come with a set of instructions and most of us fumble around for months/years..before truly finding our feet, so posts like these are really helpful.

4/  If you follow these simple  Six Steps then you may find yourself with a more attractive looking blog...and all without having to pay someone else to do it for you!

5/  Everyone and their dog has instagram apart from me at the moment (running my contract out) but when I do I will most certainly be following these tips  Grow Your Brand On Instagram


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{Life} Christmas Gift Idea's With *Him* Part 5

Hi Guys, Welcome to my fifth instalment. This time I'm concentrating on your significant other halves/Dad's, put it bluntly *Him!* All the  items above were from John Lewis (I don't have any affiliates links with them) I just like the store!!

1.  Get them smelling all nice with  this Black Peppercorn Bauble £10.00
2. Good t-shirt for a good cause with this Organic Tee £15.00
3. I like a man who shaves regularly and this should cover all concerns Phillips AT899 Shaver £39.00
4. All men like a boogie in the shower, and this is perfect  Pop Pure Mini DAB/FM Radio £59.95
5. Worried about the state of their beards? Then fear not with Mr Natty Forest Face Beard Shampoo £10.00
6. Smarten him up with these gorgeous cuff licks Silver Square Cufflicks £60.00
7. GentleMen's Grooming Tin, very cute and very essential! £20.00
8. Whats Christmas without a drop of Whiskey? £16.00
9. if you feel like splashing out this Daniel Wellington Watch is gorgeous £179.00


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{Beauty} Bleach London Reincarnation Hair Mask

Hi Guys, today I thought I would share a little update on my latest discovery from Bleach London. Firstly I'm gonna put it straight out there and say...I have a few pesky white hairs that need covering!!..I started going grey in my early 20's ( yes, you read that right!) and since then, I have always dyed my hair. I won't bored you with my hair history but I think if I quote the motto *The Good, The Bad and The Ugly* that pretty much sums everything up you need to know.

Recently, I stepped into a Supercuts Salon and asked for a  semi permanent shade to much my natural colour. I quite clearly stated that I  didn't want the colour darker or lighter I just wanted something that would blend away my grey strands. Sadly whilst I feel I made  myself pretty clear on what colour I wanted, the hairdresser herself in question heard something completely different. My hair is now  a not very subtle shade of red. I did complain as soon as the colour was applied to my hair.. as I could see that it was too red..but she fobbed me away with *Oh no, don't worry your hair won't go red* As soon as the colour was removed, it was pretty obvious my hair was yes,  that's right my hair was very much red...of course, next came  that old chestnut which they always roll out *We had to put a bit of red in as it would look too flat if it was just brown* ignoring the fact that I did want JUST BROWN ! Please learn from my mistake about trusting Supercuts! Cuts fine,!!

Anyway back to the mask! Regardless my hair had been coloured and I needed to take care of it. I found this mask via recommendations on the Boots Website. Bleach London wouldn't have been my first choice namely as I just assumed they were for people with what I termed *crazy hair colour* which laughable I do indeed have now!! 

This mask is a pre-treatment product. It doesn't state this on the box. I only realised when I got home and looked at the actual product.  I applied this generously to my hair, covered my head with a plastic bag, then a shower cap and then a towel and relaxed on my bed to let it work it's magic. After half an hour, I rinse and then washed my hair with my Fudge Shampoo and Conditioner as per usual.

My verdict on this mask? It's a real keeper. Normally after I colour my hair, I develop broken strands and dry patches but this mask has ended these problems  altogether! My hair feels so much better and smoother. It  actually looks and feels  better than before it was coloured!! I   would  really recommend this mask to people who colour their really is a goodie for whacking nourishment back into the hair. Minus points for me though are the *tin like packaging....I feel it would be easier to use if it was packaged in a tub or plastic tube. After my first use (I have lots of hair) I can already see that it isn't going to last....very perhaps a larger size would be handy as well. Has anyone else used this mask? What were your results? Good/Bad....I'd love to know. Any other good deep conditioners you recommend? Please leave a comment below...I love comments...x


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