{Food} Juicing Recipes - A Beginners Guide

Hi Guys, I keep hearing a lot about juices and the health benefits of juicing but I've never really understood how to make one! Having recently bought myself a 20 quid juicer/blender from Argos!! I'm keen to give them a crack. I came across this handy guide via Pinterest..although I don't know who designed this....basically you pick one liquid, place that in the juicer first, then the  softer ingredients and lastly the firmer ones....give them a whizz for around 30 secs depending on the strength of your machine and enjoy. All recipes serve one...but I feel this gives you a good idea on what and how...


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{Beauty} March Favourites

Hi Guys, March is nearly over.....yikes..where is the time going?? I think someone out there...has a time machine and is doing funny things to ours......the evenings are finally drawing in later and I love the fact I'm waking up  to proper sunlight..

One of my more recent finds and new loves is the Charles Worthington Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer, this is a godsend for those who never seem to find the time for hair masks.  So simple to use. Simply massage into dry hair before you go to bed, sleep and then rinse off in the morning for more shiny and manageable hair.......I have been completely loving this.....I love using masks but more often that not...I never seem to manage to gt round to doing them...despite my best intentions....this is just like applying a night moisturiser but for the hair...if that makes sense....well worth the money.

My second favourite this month is the StriVectin-SE Eye Cream,  a steal from TK Mask, earlier this year....I've been liking the results with this little one. This cream comes with a little nozzle which I prefer, creams in pots I do not trust...well I should rephrase that. I do not trust MYSELF when it comes to pots. I am so heavy handed and would literally slap half the pot on in one go! You only need a small amount and a little goes a long way. I do feel that my fine lines look more plumped up that usual and I look *rested!

My last favourite of the month is the  Revlon 150 Blusher I bought this on a whim earlier this year after I realised that I had been using the Maybelline Cream Blusher for such a long time. I decided to break my blusher  rut and ended up buying this...another cream blusher and yes in a similar colour ...BUT it's from another brand.....little steps people....despite what it looks like in the picture gives a very natural and healthy looking isn't heavy...and the beauty with creme is, that you can add more colour and similar blend harder to remove the colour if it's too much.... I find these types of blushers don't tend to *dislodge your base which has often happened to me whilst using a powder.


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{Beauty} Botanics Firming Night Cream Triple Age Renewal

Hi Guys, this product above was given to me by a *friend* I say *friend* as it's a firming night cream so I'm not sure what she is trying to not so subtle tell me!! I dare look  online at the Boots website in case the age group  for this product is for the 100+ market.....

But at the end of the day, it's in my possession, it was free I'm sure as hell going to use it! It says on the front of the packaging that it helps to reduce the *appearance of deep lines* which I don't have....but probably will one day...and they say prevention is better than cure. It claims to leave skin feeling firmer and more radiant....I like things to be I may place some on my *cough* delicate bust area.....I haven't used this as it's only just come into my possession. Firmness is a good I shall look forward to seeing the results. 


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{Beauty} Max Factor All That Glitters

Hi Guys, I swear this is the last (I think!) Christmas gift from my mum posts!! I am aware it's March and if it goes on any longer...I'll still be doing this come December.

The set above were a *free gift for those who spent £15.00 and more on Max Factor products last Christmas. I really liked the look of the items on the box, so I asked my mum to buy me a couple of Max Factor stuff to get this *free gift!! Max Factor have run similarly promotions before but this is the first time I have taken advantage of this offer.

False Lash Effect Mascara Now this mascara alone is worth £10.99, so already you know your on to a winner. The shade in my box was Black Brown. It's also a In style Beauty Winner I feel lucky this was the giveaway! It's waterproof which is a bonus and really does help to give you longer looking lashes.....
Cherry Kiss 840 Lipstick The packaging to this looked similar to the Elixir range, although I couldn't find the shade, so it's either a discounted product or one created for the promotion but I'm going with the first!! It's a full size and the others from the same range retail at £7.99. It really is a traffic stopping colour so you really need to get the rest of your make-up right to carry this off.....I love the  vibrancy of this  shade but only for *special dates.
Raspberry Blush 160 Nail Polish This is a full size polish which retails at £5.99.  It's a lovely plum(ish) shade which I would wear all year round. I'm not someone who feels certain nail colours should be worn at certain time/months of the's too short for all that!
Golden Amazon Shade 20 Eyeshadow Lastly this is another full size product although the shade is not current according to the Boots website, I do feel it's a   wearable shade especially for people with dark blues eyes like myself. Another lucky dip for moi!
Added together the products cost around £30.00. Personally I feel it was worth spending £15.00 on to get my dirty mitts on them. I'm certainly going to keep my eyes peeled for future offers from Max Factor.

Overall, I'm really please with the *free gift, these are all shades I would wear so it's nice to receive them as a present from someone else. I would also be happy to give this as a gift as well. All then products are full sizes. Did anyone get this at Christmas??


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{Food} St Patricks Day Recipes

Hi Guys, it's St Patricks Day today, I shall be be busy working as always but I hope to finish a little earlier and head off somewhere to join in the fun.

My two favourite things combined here Green Velvet Cheesecake  Cake and cream cheese filling! I love cheesecake fillings in cake. Sometimes home made cakes can turn out a little dry and  feel a little chewy to eat. (Well mine do!) Cream cheese fillings can add a much needed moisture *boost (if that's the word) to the mixture as well as taking things off the  sweetness it's too rich.

I'm not a Guinness fan myself but if it's added to a Guinness Chocolate Cake then why not!! This one is topped with a Salted Caramel Glaze..and also has lots of brown sugar and cocoa powder thrown into boot...what's not to love!? This recipe (see link) is written by the blog The Hungry Housewife and is written in such as easy to follow guide. It's foolproof!

The recipe for this  Guinness Stout Ginger Cake is very similar to Gingerbread.....but obv Gingerbread doesn't use Stout! I love the spices in this cake...Ginger, Nutmeg, Cinnamon....all these are healthy for you...which by my books means allowing yourself a larger slice!!

This one looks completely gorgeous.... Green Ombre Cake if only I was as talented...I would love to whip this one up. The tutorial to make this cake is beautifully and well written in easy to follow even a novice shouldn't feel too over whelmed with this one......just think of all the buttercream icing...yummy!!


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