{Life} 10 Things I Love About October

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I know it's not until the end of the month but I sure do like A Halloween bash! More so now I'm an Auntie and  I can use the kids as an excuse to get more involved!

Save the date: October 26th sees the clock's go back..which means the nights will draw in even faster....but on a positive note...we get an extra hour in bed this weekend!

October is the most wondrous month for leaves, YES LEAVES!! I cannot get enough of the rich brown hues...and I just love the*scrunchie noise they make under your feet!

This sees the month I start making myself Hot Chocolate if I'm feeling rebellious...I sprinkle marshmallows on the top..please don't tell my mother....

The colder weather brings out the Mother Hen in me and I can't help but start  NESTLING this month, I just want to make more myself warm food, drink even warmer drinks and nestled in front of the fire and the television of course.

The countdown for CHRISTMAS starts this month, lots of stores already have their Christmas wears out and I for one..cannot wait!

WINTER COATS I like to buy a new Winter coat every year...just really in the name of spending and fashion but both of these are good enough reasons.

I have  sort of ritual where by I tend to start either making or buying SOUP!! I know lots of people eat/drink soup all year round but I only tend to eat this in the Autumn/Winter months. Disclaimer The soup has to be very thick and accompanied with  rounds of chunky bread and  lashing of butter otherwise it's a no go!

Cashmere blanket/Jumpers October is the month, I bring these babies back out of storage.  You can't beat a good Cashmere jumper. I love watching old Gene Kelly classics's snuggled under a cashmere blanket...

How could I forget Pumpkins...I always carve one out every year, my efforts aren't always particularly spectacular but I guess it's the thought that erm counts!!


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{Beauty} Tried and Tested D.I.Y Beauty Tips.

Illustration found via Pinterest

Hi Guys, today I've written about DIY beauty treatments. I'm all ears to new beauty tips/tricks..and these are oldies but goldies! I thought it would be interesting to trial them out again and see how I feel about them....some tricks are fabulous, some are just plain crazy and nonsense! But if they work either is good!

1. Next time you shave your legs, use baby oil rather than shaving gel/ will give a smoother finish. I have to agree with this one, the skin on my legs are very sensitive, even products for sensitive skin do not work! Most of the time, I just soak a flannel in hot water, place over and then shave...The baby oil trick worked better for me than my previous methods and it also made my legs feel a lot softer too.  Agree.

2. Rub Coconut Oil into dry hair, tie your hair in a bun, cover with a towel and sleep overnight, wash hair in the morning and wake up to super shiny glossy hair. Late on the gravy train with this most people have been doing this one for yonks. The only problem I found with this method is,  it's hard to gauge whether you are using too much/little.  My hair was softer although it took much longer to rinse everything out! Undecided.

3. Use Blotting Paper to remove excess shine rather than powdering your face again and again. I agree with this one for sure. I use to have a rather naughty habit of just powdering my face when it looked a bit shiny..but more often than not, it just  spoilt the rest of my make-up and my  sponge..was absorbing the oil which in turn made my sponge dirty. Yucks!! I keep  seeing really cool blotting paper for sale in the 99p shop..and proper blotting less! Agree.

4. Wash Your Hair At Night so all you need to do is style in the morning. I have tried washing my hair at I thought yeah..that would be can dry whilst I'm didn't hair was still damp when I woke up in the morning..and it looked greasy..I would only recommend this for people with fine hair..or hair that magically dries quickly on it's own accord! Forget it!

5. Biotin Is a hair supplement recommended for hair growth and strength. I have only started taking these as a supplement but anything that claims to boost hair growth is always going to get custom from me! Some people swear by the magical hair lengthening properties of I'm crossing everything. Wishful thinking!

6. Toothpaste Dries Spots Out This is an ancient beauty tip isn't!?! I've plastered the toothpaste over my face at various points in my life, like lots of you guy's have no doubt. The only problem I find with this method is, yes it's good for spots but it also dries out the surrounding area as well...flaky skin and a dried up spots are not a great combination to have, I think you'll agree! Having said all of that, occasionally I still use this method  but I'm careful to use a cotton bud and place a small amount directly on the spot as opposed to my previous smother it all over my face technique. Exercise caution!

7. Silk Pillowcase Sleeping on a silk pillowcase at night produces two health benefits. Firstly it  helps to reduce hair breakage and secondly your skin will retain more moisture. ( think no tell tale creases on your face in the morning)  The term *bed head* is used with good reason, tossing and turning in the night can actually break your hair. Who hasn't woken up looking like they've slept with their fingers in an electric socket...or is that just me!?! I've been trialing  a silk pillowcase that I bought from Amazon for the past month. This is the easiest least fussiest thing you can do without it feeling like you are doing anything! So far, so good.

I'd love to know what beauty trick you guys use..let me know...;)


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{Life} My Week #20

Monday Full of beans this morning, although I don't know why as the weather was dreadful! Went to the cinema later that day. I watched the new Ben Affleck film *Gone Girl. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it BUT I will say this, it definitely is worth seeing and worthy of all the hype surrounding it.

Tuesday  Thankfully the weather wasn't too bad today. My fringe and the rain are not a match made in heaven let me tell you. I've lost count of the amount of times I've left the house with a normal looking fringe only to turn up at work with it resembling a frizzball! So today was a good fringe day and I was very happy. Anyone  reading this, who wears a  fringe can back me up when I say this. Maintaining a fringe is a full time job!  Later that day, I walked through the park today and collected some conkers, I need idea's for conkers!
Wednesday Midweek yeah!! Another walk this morning, even though I really didn't want too! I always groan but as soon as I've got my gear on and I'm out the door....then it's all systems go...I was thinking of strapping on wrist weights as well as my ankle ones but they might be overload!?! I don't want to start staggering down the road and have people assuming I'm drunk!!

Thursday I'm a bit late to this  but recently I bought *The Secret* I missed all the hype when it first came out  but I was browsing through the bookstore a few weeks ago...and this seem to jump out at it. I think it's the pretty packaging and illustrations!!
Friday Yeah for Friday...early morning walk with my ankle weights..I think I was sleepwalking the other day as I walked out with only one ankle weight on!! Oh about senior moment! Friday was a good day...lots of food, lots of fun and lots of vodka and diet coke....Happy times..

Saturday I braved the crowds of Oxford Street today! Not that I was I was browsing for Christmas shopping idea's. I like to weigh up the promotions and offers...can anyone tell me why there were so many police officers today on Oxford Street? I don't think I've seen so many walking in groups of four? What was that all about?  Maybe they were browsing for idea's as well! I found the quote below via Pinterest, I couldn't agree more with Coco!


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{Beauty} A few random things with Boots and Dr Lewinns

Hi Guys, just a few random things I needed to stock up on this month. There's always something you need beauty wise isn't there!?!  All the above are essential though especially the nail scissors, I use them to trim my split ends..and the scrub..well I wanted to try something different after my long love affair with Boots Botanical..change is I am really interested to see how this one is going to fair!

Boots Curvy Scissors Not sure how much you can write about scissors really as well they just cut. I do use my scissors for their cutting open food sachets or chocolate bags is a big no no...although I'm sure it doesn't damage them, I just prefer to keep my personal things for my personal things if that makes sense mainly for hygiene reasons. Sadly I lost my last pair, this is a replacement but if I remember rightly I had them previously  for about three years, so for a few quid I would say they are really worth the money.

Boots Natural Collection Mascara I started buying this on the recommendation of a make-up artist who use to work with Nars!! She let me in on her little secret when I was working with Spacie...and for a couple of quid... I rushed out to see what all the fuss was about! The packaging is rather cheap looking and it weighs about an ounce but in terms of a general day to day mascara it more than does the trick. If you prefer a light look for the day but want your lashes to look more groomed and polished, I would definitely check this mascara out. I'm not going to lie...your not going to look like you're wearing fake lashes  but at the end of the day...mascara's that do that, really are the Holy Grail..and finding the Holy Grail of mascara's to tick every box is a real hit and miss affair anyway!

Dr Lewinn's Anti Ageing Facial Scrub My latest buy, I really wanted to branch out and try something different after spending an age using the Botanical Microdembrashion scrub, which I love and still do by the way. I haven't tried anything from this brand before so I am very excited by this one. It's quite a large size so I've taken a complete leap in faith with this...and I do intend to use it all up eventually!! Dr LeWinn's is an anti-ageing skincare range made in Australia. Apparently this contains a rare ingredient *Swiss Apple Uttwiler Spatlauber* which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more radiant looking skin. I'm always up for as much help as I can it sounds perfect...I am going to start trialling this and will give an update next month on how I'm getting on with this. I found this at my local TK Maxx store if anyone is interested in trying this for themselves.


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{Beauty} With Nougat

Hi Guys, today's post contains a gift I received a couple of weeks ago from a friend (thank you Jane) she also sent me a few other little bits and pieces....*Hello Wispa Bites!* if anyone hasn't tried these you have to...they are simply bloomin delicious!! 

Nougat is one of those brands, I am familiar with but I just haven't bought anything from..not for any particular reason..its just how it's been. As far as I'm aware they don't have a stand alone store but are sold through large department stores such as John Lewis and a few other's. John Lewis sells so many different brands all lovely in their own way..sometimes it's hard *to see the wood for the trees*

The two items I have are the Moisturising Shower Gel and Shea Body Lotion both in Tuberose & Jasmine.  I'm a big fan of these scents together is a total whammy of floral heaven for me! I try to use Moisturizing shower gels as I find my skin can get  dry very quickly. This one contains Wheatgerm Oil and Vitamin E. The scent is delicate and flowery  but not in an over powering granny kind of way!...Not that there's anything wrong with that, if that type of smell rocks your boat! My skin didn't feel dry after using the shower gel, which is a good thing as lets face it..sometimes in the morning...we want to be in/out and simply don't have time to apply a body lotion and then wait for that to dry. Having said that, this  body lotion is  gorgeous and very moisturising (sorry for the over use of this word) so a little does indeed go a long way.  However you do need to give it time to sink in so I've been using this in the evening after a bath rather than as a moisturiser  after my shower. I know some people like to use fragrance body lotions in the day rather than perfumes.....this body lotion would fit this notion perfectly. In that case, you'd use after the shower gel! I'm really pleased with present, it's always lovely to try new things don't you think?


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