Happy Good Friday.

Hi Guys, Happy Good Friday, hope you all have a lovely day, with whomever you spend it with and how you spend it! I am spending time with my family and getting involved in some arts and crafts and possibly some baking or better still.....eating lots (best idea) I have found links to lots of (hopefully!) useful sites for things to do, make and eat this Easter. Click on the highlighted words in pink and it will take you directly to the sites. 

Now I wouldn't say I was the most creative person on the planet but when I came across these Salt Dough Eggs on Pinterest I just  know I will have to make some.... requiring just a handful of ingredients...so good to get little ones involved in. Now these are supposed to be for kids..what again?!...but I fancy making a pair for myself  Easter Bunny Ears so ridiculously simply to make and I guess you can make a variety of different hats using the same method. If you are having some sort of social gathering then these might be fun to make Easter Egg Garland

I will admit hands off that I am much better at eating biscuits than I am at making them..but on special occasions I always like to make the effort Easter Cookies especially. I find that Easter  tends to be that one  time of the year..when the family meets for a good old shin dig...I'm also really pleased, now I have a niece and a nephew there tends to be more treats ie. chocolate being passed around. Now these are not technically a biscuit but I know a good thing when I see one, involving marshmallows.. simple to make...enough said!  Easter Marshmallow 

If you are in a completely decadent mood, you could always try making this Nigella Lawson chocolate cake Here how completely delicious does it look. I could quite easily dive in head first! Or perhaps trying this effort from Waitrose  Chocolate Easter Cake takes less than an hour to whip up. Or perhaps you fancy a change of scenery from milk chocolate to say white chocolate  White Chocolate Easter Cakes nom nom nom!! Lastly if you fancy making a cake that will give you one of your five a day..then you'll like this one as it contains oranges. Dark Chocolate and Orange Cake

Obviously no Easter would be complete without some Hot Cross Buns...and these are some of the best recipes I found. I haven't made them before...as I have always just bought them in a packet. This year I fancy a challenge!!  These Hot Cross Muffin Buns are a slight variation of the normal buns but I quite like the fact, they are a little bit different. Good old Delia comes up trumps with this recipe Delia's Hot Cross Buns both simple and quick. Lastly I might give this Jamie Oliver recipe a whirl or better still draft in a helper of some description Jamie Oliver's Hot Cross Bun

However if you don't fancy making any of these recipes, just concentrating on eating instead....and lastly Happy Good Friday. x


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Bargains #1 Garnier Brightening Oil Control Scrub

Hi Guys, now I am getting into the flow with this blogging marlarkey..I'm trying to organise my blog pieces into categories and so forth.... hopefully this will make it easier for people to search for things. I have now added another category to my ever growing category list...entitled *Bargains! I cannot resist a bargain and I'm sure lots of you guys out there can't either...whether it's for clothes, make-up or skincare.  I was browsing in Poundland the other day...searching for my cereal bars...when I wandered over to the  *beauty section and spotted these amongst a number of other bargains.

Garnier Oil Clear Brightening Oil Control Scrub They came in a pack of 24 for 100 pennies or to be more precise £1.00. I haven't tried this before...but anything that brightens is a win win for me. I've already tried one. It's a bluey sort of colour and quite creamy...it's not as good as the Botanics but I felt like my skin had a better cleanse...I'm  quite please with this purchase!

Anyone else spotted any good bargains recently?


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My Go To Mouthwash!

Hi Guys, a quick post from me today...I won't bore you with the in's and out's of my personal hygiene...but I thought I would show you the newest addition to my dental regime....I haven't really been a mouth wash kinda of gal but a dentist friend recommended this one above as being an essential!! ...alongside flossing as well. I picked this particular mouthwash up in Boots as always...

This particular mouthwash

Protects gum by removing plague and creating a shield for up to 12 hours.
Contains fluoride to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities

Corsodyl are quite well known to dentists...they have two mouth washes or so I believe,  one for people with gum problems and you use that one as a treatment. The one I have is for daily use (non-treatment)... you basically use twice a day after brushing your teeth. Mouthwash helps to remove plague from your teeth...and as we all should know by now...*plague is a naughty word...and one we do not want our teeth to associate with.

I have been using this mouthwash for the past couple of weeks or so and to be honest I don't know why I didn't use mouthwash before...it's so easy to add to your routine and doesn't take any time at all to use. It really leave my mouth feeling a whole lot nicer and fresher!

Does anyone have a brand of mouth wash they like to use? No one really mentioned mouthwash on their blogs! 


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PS. As with all my other posts, this purchase has been bought with my own money. It is not a sponsored post and I haven't been asked to write about this. I thought I would mentioned this fact as I have had a couple of people leave comments on my other posts, asking me whether or not I had been given  items as a sample. The answer to that question is a NO! All products mentioned on my blog have been purchased my myself or given as a Birthday/Christmas present. If this changes in the future, I will let you guys know. x

I loved you this week because #9

Hi Guys, hope you all had a lovely week......Easter is edging closer and closer..yum! yum!....Funny times  in London though, I feel I've experienced all the weather seasons in one week! Here's what I've been using this week.

Maybelline Fit Me Powder I have reviewed this before on the blog, I really like this powder quite a lot actually, it's a really good match for my skin tone (120) Generally on the whole with powders, I  find they seem to change the colour of my skin...think orange....this one doesn't. The powder controls shine and mattifies the skin but not in a dry cakey way.  The compact has a mirror on the inside and a powder puff underneath. As you can tell from the hole in the compact..its been getting some generous wear.

ModelsCo Fibre Lashxtend This is a new product for me. It came *free with Glamour magazine. I looked this product up online....noticed that it was selling for £16.00 and promptly snapped the magazine up for £2.00!! I quite like this mascara, although I wouldn't say my lashes have looked the longest they have ever looked...it does lengthen but I wouldn't say by a huge amount though...but I'm trialling this.....to give it a fair hearing....so far...it's (on me) just okay. I wouldn't go out my way to buy this mascara and certainly not for the actual price of £16.00...sorry..

Natural Collection Cover Up Cream  This is one of my bargain basement products. Of course it doesn't come close to concealers from ByTerry, Clinique and the likes...but I've been using this again as I'm half way through the tube. I don't really like having make-up products that are half opened just sitting there...so I've been rotating...I mainly use this concealer when I'm not really doing/seeing anything special and using my Clinique concealer for evening and for important dates.. that way...I'll get  through them both. The Natural Collection concealer is a good match for my skin tone, which is fair. It has a nice creamy consistency, can be used under the eyes and on blemishes and gives a nice finish. The only problem I find with this concealer is it doesn't offer the same level of coverage as my Clinique....and if you try to apply more, to give heavier coverage... it makes you foundation go funny when you try to blend! 

Maybelline Cream Blusher I love this blusher, I like the shade (which has now rubbed off and I can't remember the name!) and I love the texture and I love the way it looks on my skin. I prefer my skin to look dewy..I would rather my skin look a bit sweaty rather than matte...so yes, I do use powder blushes after my epic under the bed discovery...but I prefer cream blushers....it's very doll like..but in a nice rather than creepy way! There is one problem with this...it's a pot...when I dip my fingers into this..I have to be careful ..that the blusher doesn't gather under my nails...that's the only fault I can find with it....you can't really apply it with a power/blusher brush either...other than that....it's perfect....

Rimmel Fix & Protect Primer I think the reason I picked up this was due to some 3 for 2 offering in Boots....I always like to use a primer on my face before my foundation as I find it helps my base to last longer. This is a budget friendly product with fairly good results...I say fairly good as I can't really say whether or not it resurfaces or brightens as these weren't concerns of mine. I would say that it mattifies and that's what I was looking for.  When I have used this up, I will be in the hunt for another one rather than re-purchasing. Mainly as I feel that there are better ones, I haven't tried yet.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation Lastly again another product I seem to dip in and out of it. Due to tidying my drawers, I've found lots of half used products (same old story!)  I am on a mission to use all these products up before I start buying new items. I know these may make for some odd combinations blog posts but I don't want to throw them out. This is the first time I have tried one of the Rimmel foundations and a mousse foundation at that...I do quite this product but I feel that liquid foundations are better on my particular skin. With this item you really only need to use a tiny amount as it spreads quite far...I think I have been overdoing this..which is why I have trouble blending....so it's me and not them! Once I have blended this foundation in...it doesn't leave any tell tale neck signs..so the colour choice is right...

Has anyone else used any of these products? I must admit I am difficult to please so for me to say I love something it really has to blow my socks off...


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Style Crushing #3 Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules
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 Hi Guys, my style crush this month...well actually probably one of my favourite bloggers and not just for this month is this rather lovely lady. Sincerely Jules is probably one of the most popular style bloggers around. She has around a million followers on her Instagram account alone! Everything about her is laid back to match the LA vibes, she resides in....although groomed she never looks like she's trying too hard....and unlike lots of bloggers she wear a lot of trainers and flat shoes! Every outfit Jules wears, I want...I don't think I have seen a single photo of her...where I haven't liked what she was wearing. There isn't anything that's over the top...everything is very casual in a feminine way. Of course her mermaid locks and gorgeous figure are a positive plus. Is anyone else familiar with Sincerely Jules?


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