{Beauty} October Favourites

Hi Guys, another month over and another favourite's post up. I've been loving lots of things recently but these guys  above have pushed  their way into my *fickle beauty heart.

Dr Lewinns Facial Scrub A buy from TK Maxx, this is fast becoming one of my favourite products ever!! I didn't think I would feel this way after declaring my love for Botanicals Microdembrasion BUT I love this, not only does it come in a whopper size, the particles are  perfect, the consistency is perfect and not only that but  my skin is looking a lot clearer, softer and just that little bit smoother. Very happy considering this was purchased on a whim!

Please promise me Maybelline you will never discontinue the Dream Blusher!! My favourite blusher probably EVER!. I'm more of a cream blush girl rather than powder. I prefer the *dewy look and cream blushers help me to achieve this. I don't feel powder blushers look quite as natural on the skin and can be more difficult to apply..and then of course there's all this brush nonsense! These little pot seems to create a *healthy glow even if I feel anything but. The only downer to this amazing product, is the lack of choice....I would love to see a wider selection of colours.....I need to start a campaign...Maybelline if you're reading! You know you want to....

I know this may seem like a bit of a strange choice now the weather has taken a turn for the worst.  Simple Moisture Skin SPF30, is my third favourite this month. I love  Simple and have bought lots of their  body care products over the year's but my soft spot is for their moisturisers.  I actually bought this when the weather was a lot better but it seems that I under estimated how long my previous moisturisers would last! Not one to waste had to wait it's turn! One of the main reason's I like this product is because  it sinks into the skin really well, has a high protection and comes in a neat hygienic pump dispenser. Central heating can really dehydrate your skin, not to mention the crazy things it does with your hair! Angry red faces are never a good look unless you are about three!

It's always a happy feeling when you buy beauty products you actually like, there's nothing worse than buying things, using them a couple of times and then realising that it does nothing for you! I dread to think of the money I've wasted this way! 


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{Life} Happy 1st Birthday to me!!

Hi Guys, yes it's a Happy Birthday to my blog today as it celebrates it's 1st Birthday! I can't quite believe how quickly the time has flown by and it really has flown by! It only seems like yesterday I was writing my first post  Hello Again! google deleted my photo...I'm not sure what happened!

There's been highs and lows with the blog, positives and negatives but everything seems to come full circle doesn't it?  The lists of do's and don'ts seems to be getting longer and longer and everyone seems to think of themselves as an authority figure on grammar and spelling. (obv not me!) I try to steer away from negative thinking. If you don't like mine or anyone else's blog....then don't read's that simple.

I have lots of new idea's for the blog in the future, one being a  redesign. The reason I haven't done this so far is because I'm waiting for my phone contract to finish so I can sign up with an I-Phone. What's that got to do with it, you may ask? Well being completely clueless with CSS, I'm having to pay for someone to install. Instagram is a must have for a blogger and it makes more sense to wait until this gets sorted as they will be working their magic on my social media buttons! Also outfit posts...this was something I wanted to do..but just didn't happen...onwards and upwards...oh and a competition...that needs to happen was well!

It's just a short post as I just wanted to thank everyone who has stopped by my blog and left a comment, your support has really been appreciated!  x


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{Life} Week #21

Monday  I can't believe how long I've been writing my *Week's posts!! Now on Week 21, I wish I could write that I dine with George Clooney and Angelina Jolie but sadly that's not true. I know some bloggers  seem to cover exciting jaunts all the time but I don't feel that's a reflection of real life, well not mine that's for sure!..No matter who you are...there are boring aspects to your job....and to your life. Now whose turn is it to take the rubbish out!?!

Tuesday Slightly annoying start to the morning, I'd planned my morning walk only for the weather to change them for me. I did initially go out...but within 5 minutes I was soaked and my brolly was broken..felt out of sorts...afterwards...guess I'm addicted to my morning walks! Treated myself to a pampering session later that evening....I recently purchased this hair mask, hence the pristine packaging. I will update my thoughts on this mask at a later date.
Wednesday Started with a morning walk to make up for yesterday. Glad the weather decided to be nice to me today. How dark have the  mornings been recently? Winter's coming our way....I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to continue with them for too much longer. Left to my own devices I won't workout in my living I shall have to bite the bullet and join a gym...I need to do something to burn off my winter comfort eating!

Thursday I couldn't wait to get home this evening, mainly as I was having a few friends over and I wanted to keep everything a quick dusting. Ordered over some Indian....which is always the best thing to do when you're entertaining...I did make an apple crumble which made for an interesting combo!

Friday Today was a very busy day  for me as I felt my to do list was never ending...  I seemed to work at a much slower pace...perils of Friday I'm near  yet so far! Managed to leave work on time....I had planned to  meant to met a friend at our local pub, she's a smoker which is fine...but the outdoors heaters have broken..I didn't fancy sitting outside in this I went home (Boring I know)

Saturday Up early this morning as I had to catch the train to Devon, went to stay with my sister and her family. Her house is currently undergoing major revamps..and has been for the past four months! It still isn't finished but once it is..I will take some pictures to show you. I love this old bridge (if you can call it that) in her garden....the garden is her next project!


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{Beauty} Cath Kidston Hand Cream

Hi Guys, today's post is a discovery of epic proportions!! Well no, that's not actually true...but it's a discovery none the less.  I'm like a moth to a flame where  hand creams are concerned and seem to go through them rather quickly . There probably isn't a cream I haven't tried, despite my ever growing collection ...I'm always on the search for *something better for fear of missing out.

Cath Kidston, is a company that pretty much  sums up * Nostalgic English Countryside* everything is very quaint, very pretty and delicate. For lots of us  British folk, there's something about this brand that takes us back to our childhood years,...I love all their floral prints...I could spend hours pottering around in their store talking myself into buying things that I don't need...but I might do one day!  Does anyone else feel this way!?!  And who hasn't owned a Cath Kidston bag or two in their time ?

I was in dire need of some hand cream, well no I wasn't actually (see above) I just saw these two  and wanted them regardless...which to me is kind of the same thing. The tubes are on the  larger size at 100ml, so I won't be carrying these around with me but keeping one at work and one at home in my desk.  Just look at the delicate packaging. 

After much dithering and mooching around, I plumped for the   Honeysuckle and Wild Rose. Honeysuckle and Rose are two of my favourite flowers.  Both of these smell absolutely gorgeous and they do indeed smell of Honeysuckle and Rose!!...The texture of the cream feels so luxurious on the skin and sinks in beautifully.  As always the packaging is lovely. A reason why Cath Kidston makes such ideal gifts. I'm really pleased with my buys as I haven't bought anything from this brand for a long time...too it feels good to be back!


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{Life} 10 Things I Love About October

Image via  Louisrubstylist

I know it's not until the end of the month but I sure do like A Halloween bash! More so now I'm an Auntie and  I can use the kids as an excuse to get more involved!

Save the date: October 26th sees the clock's go back..which means the nights will draw in even faster....but on a positive note...we get an extra hour in bed this weekend!

October is the most wondrous month for leaves, YES LEAVES!! I cannot get enough of the rich brown hues...and I just love the*scrunchie noise they make under your feet!

This sees the month I start making myself Hot Chocolate if I'm feeling rebellious...I sprinkle marshmallows on the top..please don't tell my mother....

The colder weather brings out the Mother Hen in me and I can't help but start  NESTLING this month, I just want to make more myself warm food, drink even warmer drinks and nestled in front of the fire and the television of course.

The countdown for CHRISTMAS starts this month, lots of stores already have their Christmas wears out and I for one..cannot wait!

WINTER COATS I like to buy a new Winter coat every year...just really in the name of spending and fashion but both of these are good enough reasons.

I have  sort of ritual where by I tend to start either making or buying SOUP!! I know lots of people eat/drink soup all year round but I only tend to eat this in the Autumn/Winter months. Disclaimer The soup has to be very thick and accompanied with  rounds of chunky bread and  lashing of butter otherwise it's a no go!

Cashmere blanket/Jumpers October is the month, I bring these babies back out of storage.  You can't beat a good Cashmere jumper. I love watching old Gene Kelly classics's snuggled under a cashmere blanket...

How could I forget Pumpkins...I always carve one out every year, my efforts aren't always particularly spectacular but I guess it's the thought that erm counts!!


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